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Aspirational Districts Programme

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said that aspirational districts should be ‘inspirational districts’ of India, and the Aspirational District Programme should be extended to block and city levels. The Aspirational Districts Programme launched in 2018 aims to transform 112 districts that have shown relatively lesser progress in key social areas. About the program Launched in 2018, the Aspirational Districts Programme (ADP) is one of the largest experiments on outcomes-focused governance in the world. The ADP is NITI Aayog’s flagship initiative to uplift those backward 117 districts ...
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Green Gold

Tribal residents of 50 villages in Chhattisgarh have filed an FIR against an official of the state forest department after he confiscated the tendu leaves that they had collected. Tendu(Diospirus melanocaylon) Tendu(Diospirus melanocaylon) is also called ‘green gold’. It is a prominent minor forest producein India. The tendu tree is commonly known as "abnus" in Andhra Pradesh, "kendu" in Orissa and West Bengal, "tembru" in Gujarat, "kari" in Kerala, "tembhurni" in Maharahstra, and "bali tupra" in Tamil Nadu. Uses- Tendu leaves ...
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Twin cyclones

The symmetric tropical cyclones on either side of the equator are known as Twin Cyclones. For example Cyclone Asani in the northern hemisphere and Cyclone Karim in southern hemisphere. Cyclone Fani over the Bay of Bengal and Cyclone Lorna over the southern Indian Ocean. Both the cyclones were formed at almost uniform longitude. Causes Twin cyclones are not really rare. The interplay of the wind and the monsoon system combined with the Earth system produces these synchronous cyclones. Rossby waves ...
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Monetary Policy Committee

The Monetary Policy Committee has voted unanimously to increase the repo rate by 50 basis points to 4.90% in a bid to slow inflation that it estimates will average 7.5% in the current April-June quarter. The MPC also decided to remain focused on the withdrawal of accommodation which had been provided to support the COVID-19 hit economy, to ensure that inflation remains within the target going forward, while supporting growth. Inflation has steeply increased much beyond the upper tolerance level. A large part of the ...
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Agnipath Scheme

The Centre has announced the Agnipath scheme for recruitment of soldiers in the three branches of the armed forces, on a short-term basis. About Agnipath Under the scheme, youth(both men and women) between 17.5 to 21 years of age will be enrolled on an ‘All-India All-Class’ basis as soldiers for four years. After violent protests throughout the country the government has decided to increase the age to 23 years  These recruits, who will be known as ‘Agniveers’, will form a distinct rank bearing ...
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Jan Samarth portal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Jan Samarth portal, a repository of a dozen credit-linked government schemes. The Prime Minister urged bank chiefs to make it easier for people to get loans through the new portal. He said the new portal would make life easier for farmers, students and entrepreneurs as they could assess which scheme worked best for them, on that platform instead of visiting various websites. As of now, 12 credit schemes that granted credit from banks were ...
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Liquid-mirror telescope

The International Liquid-Mirror Telescope (ILMT) has been set up at the Devasthal Observatory campus owned by Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), Nainital in Uttarakhand. Located at 2,450 metres above mean sea level, there are two firsts with this — it’s the only one to have been developed for astronomy research and is also the only one of its kind to be operational anywhere in the world. India, Belgium, Canada, Poland and Uzbekistan are the main countries who have ...
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Bad Bank

The Finance Ministry has announced that the National Asset Reconstruction Company, set up to take over large bad loans of more than ₹500 crore from banks, will pick up the first set of such NPAs in July. The NARCL, which will acquire the bad loans from banks, and the India Debt Resolution Company Ltd. – which will then manage these assets and seek to enhance their value – have secured necessary approvals and permissions. The boards of both entities, including ...
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SC Directions on Sex Workers

A long-standing demand of sex workers that their work be decriminalised has been partially fulfilled with the Supreme Court. What was the case about? In 2010, an appeal was filed in the SC against a 2007 order of the Calcutta High Court which upheld the life imprisonment imposed on a man named Budhadev Karmaskar, found guilty of murdering a sex worker in Kolkata’s red light area in September 1999. The court suo motu converted the case into a PIL to ...
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Elimination of Measles and Rubella by 2023

The Government decided to reset the Measles-Rubella elimination target to 2023 as COVID 19 pandemic stole two years from the programme. Measles and rubella Measles- Measles (also called rubeola) is a very contagious respiratory viral infection that causes a total-body skin rash and flu-like symptoms. It is transmitted person-to-person via droplets when infected people sneeze or cough. Initial symptoms usually occur 10–12 days after infection and comprise high fever, runny nose, bloodshot eyes and Koplik's spots(tiny white spots on the inside of the mouth) ...
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