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Researchers at the University of California have proposed a method called ‘pantranscriptome’ for analysing RNA sequencing data.

  • RNA mapping– The most commonly recognized function of RNA is to synthesize proteins via translation.
  • Scientists discovered that the vast majority of RNA can play roles such as influencing cell structure or regulating gene
  • The entire RNA landscape is known collectively as the transcriptome.
  • Mapping of transcriptome by RNA sequencing allows to understand an individual’s gene expression.
  • Mapping can be difficult because the RNA sequences can come from non-connected areas of the genome making it challenging to align.
  • Pantranscriptome– Pantranscriptome, an emerging concept of ‘pangenomics’ in the genomics field, combines a transcriptome and a pangenome.
  • Typically, individual’s genome is compared to that of a reference made up of a single, linear strand of DNA bases for its evaluation.

Pantranscriptome uses pangenome as a reference to compare an individual’s genome.

  • Pangenome contains genetic material from a cohort of diverse individuals sourced from individuals representing a diversity of biogeographic ancestry.
  • This gives the scientists more points of comparison for which to better understand an individual’s genomic variation.

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