IAS Syllabus 2019

Preliminary Round

Paper 1 – General Awareness
This paper will test candidates’ knowledge and passion towards the country. The questions will be from various aspects like history, geography, economy, etc pertaining to the country. Some of the important topics include:
• Events and Happening of National Importance
• Impact of Geography in the country
• Governance and Constitutional Structure
• Current Issues faced by the country
• Economic and Social Development
• Research and Development
• Scientific Developments

Paper 2 – English & General Aptitude
The command of English is mandatory in the field of Public Service and candidates have to score a minimum of 33 % to qualify the exam. The aptitude of a person determines his ability to solve complex problems, time management and agility. The important areas to practice for IAS Exam includes
• Logical Reasoning
• Problem Solving Capacity
• Interpersonal Skills
• Numerical Ability
• Analytical Skills
• Comprehension
• Antonyms / Synonyms

Mains Round

Paper 3 – Essay Writing
Candidates can write the essay on the topic of their choice
Paper 4 – General Studies I
This paper will contain questions relating to ancient India pertaining to History, Geography, Heritage, Culture etc. Some of the topics include
• History of India – Ancient and Modern
• Significant changes in Architecture, Literature, etc.
• Geographical Significance
• Notable events in World History
• Diversity
• Globalization

Paper 5 – General Studies II
This paper will contain questions about the reforms in Indian Governance post-Independence. The topics include
• Constitution of India
• Constitutional Analysis of the world
• Parliament and Legislatures
• Key issues faced by the nation and solutions
• Welfare Schemes by the Government
• Department and Structures in Government

Paper 6 – General Studies III
This paper will contain questions about Modern India and recent Key developments. The topics include
• Indian Economy
• Farming
• Science
• Research and Development
• Information Technology
• Environmental Studies
• Achievements in various fields
• Security Challenges
• Industrial Growth
• Infrastructural developments

Paper 7 – General Studies IV
This paper will contain questions about Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude. The topics include
• Ethics in Public Administration
• Emotional Intelligence
• Behavioral Analysis
• Functional Values

Paper 8 & 9 – Candidates can select their desired subject from the list of subjects given below
• Agriculture
• Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
• Anthropology
• Botany
• Chemistry
• Civil Engineering
• Commerce and Accountancy
• Economics
• Electrical Engineering
• Geography
• Geology
• Indian History
• Law
• Management
• Mathematics
• Mechanical Engineering
• Medical Science
• Philosophy
• Physics
• Political Science and International Relations
• Psychology
• Public Administration
• Sociology
• Statistics
• Zoology
Note: Candidate can also select one of the regional languages as an optional subject.