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Global Lighthouse Network

The World Economic Forum announced the addition of 11 factories and industrial sites, including three from India, to its Global Lighthouse Network.

Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies are artificial intelligence, 3D-printing and big data analytics.

The Global Lighthouse Network (GLN) was pioneered by the World Economic Forumin 2018.

The need for the Global Lighthouse Network was identified under the Forum’s Platform for Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Value Chains.

The GLN is a community of manufacturersthat are applying Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies to increase efficiency and productivity, along with environmental stewardship.

The GLN is a platform to develop, replicate and scale innovations, creating opportunities for cross-company learning and collaboration.

It sets new benchmarks for the global manufacturing community.

Under this network, so far, 103 manufacturing Lighthouses have been identified from different industry sectors, including 6 Sustainability Lighthouses.

Lighthouses– They are industries which use Industry 4.0 or 4IR technologies to transform factories, value chains and business models, for compelling financial and operational returns.

The 3 recently added Lighthouses from India are

    1. Cipla – Indore facility,
    2. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories – Hyderabad facility and
    3. The Mondelez – Sri City facility.

Sustainability Lighthouse– This is an additional designation given to the lighthouse members who have an outstanding environmental footprint reductions.

Unilever’s Dapada facility in India is a ‘Sustainabilty Lighthouse’.


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