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Gati Shakti National Master Plan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the ambitious Rs 100 lakh crore Gati Shakti Master Plan to provide multi-modal connectivity to more than 1,200 industrial clusters.

Gati Shakti

  • The plan aims to transfer India into a hub of world class infrastructure by providing integrated and seamless connectivity for movement of people, goods and services.
  • A digital platform will be created to bring 16 ministries including rail and roadways together for integrated planning and coordinated implementation of infrastructure projects.
  • Comprehensiveness: It will incorporate the existing infrastructure schemes of different departments and state governments like Bharatmala, Sagarmala, inland waterways, UDAN etc.
  • Analytical-It will offer 200 layers of geospatial data, including on existing infrastructure as well as geographic information about forests, rivers and district boundaries.
  • Dynamic:The portal will allow various government departments to track the progress of various projects in real time and at one centralised place.
  • Prioritization:Different Departments will be able to prioritize their projects through cross–sectoral interactions.
  • Optimization- For the transportation of goods from one place to another, the plan will help in selecting the most optimum route in terms of time and cost.
  • Synchronization:PM GatiShakti will help in synchronizing the activities of each department in a holistic manner by ensuring coordination of work between them.
  • The project will be spearheaded by the logistics division in the commerce ministry and the implementation will be monitored by a monitoring group under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT).

Targets to be achieved:

  • 11 industrial corridors and two new defence corridors in Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh
  • 4G connectivity in all villages
  • Increasing renewable energy capacity to 225 GW from 87.7 GW
  • Expanding the national highway network to 2 lakh km
  • Increasing length of transmission network to 4,54,200 circuit km
  • Creation of 220 new airports, heliports and water aerodromes
  • Increasing cargo handling capacity of railways to 1,600 million tons from 1210 million tons
  • Adding 17,000 km to gas pipeline network
  • 202 fishing clusters/harbours/landing centres and more

Existing challenges

  • Lack of coordination between different Departments
  • Wasteful expenditure
  • Time-taking approval process
  • Multiplicity of regulatory clearances
  • Hostile land acquisitions
  • Difficulties in getting environmental clearance

Benefits of the Gati Shakti plan

  • The plan aims to build Next Generation Infrastructure which will improve Ease of Living as well as Ease of Doing Business.
  • It will facilitate the last mile connectivity of infrastructure and also reduce travel time for people.
  • It will provide the public and business community information regarding the upcoming connectivity projects, other business hubs, industrial areas and surrounding environment
  • The plan enables the investors to plan their businesses at suitable locations leading to enhanced synergies.
  • It will create multiple employment opportunities and give a boost to the economy.
  • It will improve the efficiency of port operations and cargo handling capacity and cut the vessel turnaround time.

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